Virtual Stargazing Tour

$7.99 45 minutes

We’re taking our stargazing tours online!   

With current events keeping us from hosting our tours in person, we decided to bring them to you instead by offering a virtual guided stargazing experience you can do anywhere with a good view of the night sky!  


How does it work?   

After purchasing, we’ll send you an email with the recording of the virtual tour, and a list of fun night sky objects to look for this month. 

Settle in, and look up while we show you how to find the major constellations, tell the stories associated with them, and talk about what’s going on in the night sky this month. It’s like having your own knowledgeable guide sitting next to you, showing you around the night sky.   

These tours are a great activity to do with the family, for date night, or just on your own.

Although this tour was hosted on May 21st, most of the information will be relevant until about June 4th.

What do I need?  

The only equipment you’ll need is a device to play the recording and a good view of the night sky.   

Where can I do it?  

While we’re hosting the tours from Northern California, you can do this from anywhere in the continental U.S, although the perspective will slightly change if you are very far north or south of us. The darker skies you have, the better.   

Have your own binoculars or telescope?   

We’ll give you a list of some must-see night sky objects to check out and explore this month.   

Our goal, as always, is to provide you with a unique experience where we can come together to learn more and connect with the natural world around us.